A Month in Photos - June

Hello dear friends,

It has been a while since I published a post, but I'm very excited to announce that this post is a very special one because today I will be starting a new series on my blog called "A month in photos". I am challenging myself to take photos every month so I can create this post for you at the end of each month.

This month in just a few words: breathtaking sunsets, brunch on a patio on a gorgeous Sunday morning, workout at the park, greenery, Winnipeg from above, Tel Aviv, hot summer days, & dipping toes in warm ocean water.

I took this picture in the Walmart parking lot right after finishing grocery shopping.

My view from the patio at Stella's on a beautiful Sunday morning.

Met up with a friend to workout at the park and take a selfie on the way.

This is what happens when you run errands late in the evening. Time pic was taken: 9:16 PM

Evening walks in the park are therapy to our souls.

My view while doing sit ups at gym...sorry I meant, park. Almost got confused.

On my way to an amazing adventure.

If I could describe "Good Vibes" through a picture, this would be it.

The passengers on this plane are so lucky to see the sunset as they are flying along the beach.

This is where I feel at home.

A glimpse to my happiness.

Catching the sun a second before it disappears.

A Sony commercial in disguise.

Love is everywhere you look and everywhere you go.

So this is it for today. I hope you really enjoyed these photos. Till next time.



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