5 Work Outfit Ideas - Winter Edition

Hey beautiful people!

Ever since I created my 5 Work Outfit Ideas - Summer Edition post, I've wanted to create a winter version. This post has been in the making for months. It is very tricky to take pictures of winter outfits when it's -35 Celsius outside, so it has taken me some time to put this post together, but here it is!

In this post I give you some ideas for outfits you can wear to the office when it's cold outside. My favourite thing about dressing warm when it's cold outside is making sure I feel comfortable and cozy (and that it looks pretty, of course). I hope you enjoy the different photos and the outfits.


There are many things that I love about this outfit. I love the sparkly toque because it makes winter a bit less boring. I love the scarf because it has so many patterns and brings a great pop of colour to any outfits, and I love the bomber jacket that I just got this season. It covers all the right areas, keeps me warm, and looks expensive (which it actually was). Another thing that I really like is the necklace because the pendant is removable which allows me to change my necklace whenever I want without buying a new necklace each time.

Trying to look mysterious

This picture was taken right before I burst out laughing

That moment you find an amazing backdrop and need to take a picture there

Close up of my necklace

Close up of my scarf

Can you tell how much laughter was going on in this photoshoot?

Pondering about this beautiful life

Top: Artizia // Coat: Artizia // Pants: RW&Co. // Scarf: Winners *Brand: Ahujasons* // Tuque: Boes // Necklace: Snaps *The link is to a website in Hebrew. You could probably translate it with Google translate to navigate through the website* // Boots: Republic Footwear *I bought these boots on my last trip to Israel in a footwear store that sells different brands*


I've had this sweater for many years now and it is by far my most favourite sweater in my closet. It is very comfy, it's grey (so it goes with everything), and it's a thin sweater but it is really warm.

I bought this scarf this season as a birthday present for myself. It did cost a fortune even after sale, but there's no better day than your birthday to show some self love and appreciation for yourself. I love that it's purple (it's my favourite colour). I love that it has many patterns on it. I love that it's a blanket scarf so it keeps me warm. And most importantly, I love that it's reversible so it's like I have two scarves for one.

"Did you take a picture yet? I'm freezing"

Scarf & Purse

Black Leather Booties. They are by far the most comfortable booties I own.

Can you tell how much I love wearing scarves?

I was so cold that I started jumping around like a kid to warm up. Then I realized I wasn't a kid anymore and started laughing about it.

Top: Dynamite *from a couple of years ago* // Pants: RW&Co. *mine are in deep purple colour which I couldn't find on the website at the moment* // Scarf: Artizia *couldn't find the exact same one online* // Purse: Winners *Brand: Black Leather* // Boots: Republic Footwear *I bought these boots on my last trip to Israel in a footwear store that sells different brands*


Burgundy colour is a must-have winter colou because it flatters the most people, brings out the colour of your eyes, and just makes you feel good about yourself. In this look I paired it with a warm white scarf and a burgundy lip colour.

Having my modelling moment

Enjoying the cold breeze

Ready to jump back into my warm car. Did I ever mention that I'm not a winter person?

Having my gossip girl moment

Top & Pants: RW&CO *the top is no longer on the website*// Coat: Artizia // Scarf: Zara *from two years ago* // Boots: Republic Footwear *I bought these boots on my last trip to Israel in a footwear store that sells different brands*


When I tried this sweater on at the store, I knew I had to get it because it made the green colour in my hazel eyes pop. It is very close fitted, so I am wearing a tank top underneath, but the quality, the material, and the colour all convinced me that I had to own it.

Obsessed with this pineapple necklace​

Top: Artizia *Brand: Talula* // Pants: RW&Co. // Boots: Republic Footwear *I bought these boots on my last trip to Israel in a footwear store that sells different brands* // Watch: Michael Kores // Rings: Magnolia *from a few years ago* // Necklace: Boes

Casual Friday

This outfit is my favourite out all of the outfits because it's comfy, light, and incorporates a nice yellow top. I absolutely love this colour in outfits. If you have seen my summer edition of this post (link is at the top of the page), then you probably recognize the theme.

The amazing jean jacket that I was able to get my hands on is just a must have in every closet. I am telling you this because I did not own one before (very shocking), and ever since I bought this jacket, I stepped up my game. It looks great with almost every outfit, and I cannot wait to wear it more.

I was definitely feeling this outfit

Thinking about something happy

Feeling like I just conquered the world

Top: Zara *winter collection* // Pants: Renuar *Israeli Brand* // Jacket: Banana Republic *couldn't find the jacket on the website*// Purse: Winners *Brand: Black Leather* // Boots: Winners *Brand: Marc Fisher*

I hope you liked this post and found it somewhat helpful.

See you in the next one.

Love you,


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