How I found my way to living my best life and helping others to do the same, one decision at a time.


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Not too long ago, I was on a path that wasn't mine.

But the scary thing is that I wasn't aware of it.

It took a very difficult break up, that shook me to the core, to wake me up.

I was lost. I realized that my path wasn't built by me, but by the people around me - family and friends - and society at large. 

I had it all by society's standards: a degree in business, a job in my field, my own place, a partner that I was planning on spending my life with, and a good income.

But I wasn't listening to my heart. I wasn't asking myself the right questions. I put everyone else's needs first before my heart's desires.

That's how I found myself at 25 moving back to my parent's place after already having moved out. That's where my journey really began. 

Where it all began...

"Helping you to discover and design the   kind of life YOU want to live"

Hey, I'm Sophie


I serve people who yearn for living life on their own terms but can't figure out how.

I show them how to deal with changes and transform their lives/bring more meaning into their lives/turn fear into action.

I've got a degree in business.

And when I'm not writing and helping people to design their dream lives, I can be found...

Travelling around the world, exploring new destinations or taking pictures of beautiful & breathtaking places or dancing to some Latin tunes.

If you're dying to know more, here are 4 things you don't know about me...

1. I love interior design. I can easily spend hours on Pinterest looking at beautiful designs and sucking up inspiration like no other.


3. I speak English, Hebrew, and Russian, and can understand Spanish.

4. I've been keeping a journal ever since I learned how to write (in first grade).

Work with me, right this second, by booking a FREE 30 minutes session with me to start working on a plan that will allow you to live the life that YOU want.

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